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A Sales-Optimized E-Stores Like Amazon!


Build an e-commerce store that is not just secure but also simplifies the management of members, products, orders, entries, etc. Optimized to boost sales, these online stores can help you speed-up and streamline various complicated tasks.

Starts @

US $199

Are you planning to launch an ecommerce website?

A Marketplace That Streamlines Recruitment!


Launch a placement portal that connects job seekers with the right recruiters and vice versa. Wi-Jobs is one of the easiest ways for launching a placement/recruitment marketplace with built-in functionalities of finding and managing candidate database, posting jobs/resumes, etc.

Starts @

US $499

Are You Ready To Launch A Placement Agency?

A Classified Site That Attracts More Advertisers!


Developing a classified advertisement marketplace has become easier with Wi-Classified. Build a platform that connects the businesses and advertisers with targeted users. Enable them to post eye-grabbing classified ads and get contacted for the listing.

Starts @

US $499

Are You Ready To Launch a Classified Website?

An ERP Software to Manage School Data & Activities!


Empower the schools, colleges, and universities to manage their administrative, informative, and data-related seamlessly with an all-in-one ERP system. Get a power-packed ERP system that centralizes student data and manages applications, finances, results, exams, library, etc.

I want to manage my School / College with ERP

A CRM Software That Boosts Sales!


Secure and strengthen your relationships with new leads and grow your business exceptionally with our ready-to-use CRM system. Built to manage & improve customer relations, our Wi-CRM system can retain customers, shorten the sales cycle, and increase revenue.

I want to manage my Customers effectively with CRM

A Feature-Rich & Advanced Online Grocery Store


Launch an online grocery store that is laced with advanced features for quick delivery of groceries, order management, and inventory. Setting up your grocery store to complete online orders with secure payment gateways couldn’t have been easier.

Starts @

US $199

Ready To Launch Your Online Grocery Store?

A Pharmacy That Promises Discrete Delivery


Online pharmacies are gaining popularity among the patients as well as their guardians due to the effortless and discrete manner of delivery. Wi-Medicine enables you to launch your online pharmacy store for upselling medicines in your target market.

Starts @

US $199

Ready To Launch Your Online Pharmacy?

An Online Restaurant That Fetches More Orders!


Take your restaurant online and satiate the hunger of foodies who have taken the online route of food ordering. Wi-Restaurant offers a launch-ready restaurant website that caters more food orders, manages them, and even fetches reviews.

Starts @

US $199

Ready To Launch Your Online Restaurant?

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