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Are you looking for a readymade e-commerce solution with rich features?
Then, you are at right place.

Here, Weblink is offering its chief productive Wi!Kart- the e-commerce system with unbelievable features specialy for Startups. You can get your e-commerce website designed by professionals using the modern templates that have an appealing UI, UX, and a lot more that will assist in flourishing your e-business. So, get in touch with us and turn your idea into reality!

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Wi!Kart - We Design Professionally

The salient features of websites we design

Security Platform

Security Platform

You wouldn’t like a bug to invade your internet presence and destroy the data. Since security is a major concern for earning the trust of clients, get your e-commerce site secured with Wi!Kart. Ours is not an open source platform and assures a 3-level security layering. We are certified by SSL and compliant to PCI for guaranteeing security to your online store. Moreover, we protect the site for any sort of cyber hacking.

Quick Management

Quick Management

Our teams provide complete management for your website’s data. Each day, Wi!Kart track the bounce rate and stay on the website by clients. Furthermore, Wi!Kart maintain the data of products, members, discounts, and numerous things that will analyze the performance of the website.

Instant Tracking

Instant Tracking

Maintaining the monthly record of sales is a must. We provide the instant tracking service in the package that allows you to manage the shipping of the product and delivered products with a single click. Moreover, it also allows you tracking the carts abandoned by the user. This data is helpful in increasing personalized marketing instantly.



It is obvious that you would like to see your website in the top 5 results on the internet. To make it SEO-friendly, our teams work collectively to ensure that description of all your products/services contains the trigger words. These words are linked with the specific product/service and connect directly to the website's page when searched. Wi!Kart is fully SEO friendly.

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Wi!Kart- Promising The Best

Extra benefits you get from us
  • Responsive Layout

    Our designers and developers are agile in giving the flawless outcome to your website. We assure a responsive layout to the website that is compatible with smartphone, tablets, Laptops or Computers.
  • Multilingual Support

    No worries from whichever country you're visiting and navigating the site. Wi!Kart assures to provide the best translation service that automatically translates the entire content with a single click!
  • Coupons & Discounts

    With every service availed from Wi!Kart, clients get a chance to bag special coupons and discounts. The same can be redeemed to use a service for your e-commerce website. It will attract the returning customers.
  • Upto The Mark UX (User experience)

    The UX matters the most. Thus, we at Wi!Kart, assure the development of a responsive website for a new and better experience. The website template and colors will surely make an appeal to the visitor.
  • Multicurrency & PayU

    Making payments from overseas is easier at Wi!Kart. We assure an instant payment which is completely secure & protected. Our payment module supports PayPal, PayU, major credit & debit cards with EMI options.

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Wi!Kart - Special Packages To Choose From

The package list includes

Wi!Kart Basic

Default Design

US $599

Pay $199 now, rest in two milestones

  • Fully Owned License
  • No Recurring / Monthly Payments
  • Default Design
  • All Default Features
  • Newsletter, Discount, Coupon
  • Order Management & PayU
  • Fully Mobile Compatible
  • No any Customization
  • Bug Fix Warranty

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Wi!Kart Enhance

Partial Custom Design

US $1199

Pay $399 now, rest in two milestones

  • Fully Owned License
  • All Defaults features included
  • No Recurring / Monthly Payments
  • Custom Colour Theme
  • Multi-Currency & PayU
  • Multi Lingual
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Small Customization
  • Bug Fix Warranty

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Wi!Kart Premium

Custom Design

Ask For Price

Easy Payments, Pay on Milestones

  • Various Payment Options
  • Latest Trend Design
  • Multi-Category Products mapping
  • Various Shipping Options
  • Sub Admin Feature
  • Rewards & Discounts
  • Feedback & Review Management
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Bug Fix Warranty

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* Terms and Conditions Apply

Included In Packages:

Free Services Of Wi!Kart

You do not require paying for
  • NO COST Installation

    There are zero installation charges for different services you get after turning to Wi!Kart. The installation process is managed by professionals of the industry. We’re sure that you’ll appreciate our efforts after utilizing the installation services.
  • Free Tech Support

    If you face any sort of issue while operating the site or spot a bug, you simply require dialing our numbers. The tech-support executive will connect to you and resolve your complaint until you’re satisfied.
  • No Cost Lifetime Licence

    You do not require paying for the license to handle different things related to the e-commerce website. Its ownership documentation, data of clients, products, new vendors registered, and more data is stored without the hassle for a license.
  • Free Responsive Layout

    The responsive layout design of the website we develop is flawless. The layout will be display in the same design on every screen, whether small or large. In case you encounter a problem with the same, it will be resolved without a surcharge.
  • Free iOS / Android APP

    Clients who avail our website designing service get a Google Play Store application / iOS App Store application designed for free. It includes the entire information and allows instant access to the consumer at any time. Note - Not included in Wi!Kart Basic.

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